Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Yosemite Boys

So my Spencer and Joe went to Yosemite for their first annual boys trip with Allen and Aiden. They had a blast! Hiking, swimming, campfires, s'mores, the whole deal! They can't wait for next year. They have lots of stories to tell, including the big one about the big brown bear literally right outside their "cabin". They stayed in the cabin that consist of three walls of concrete and the fourth is a curtain that serves as the door, so not the safest out there, but hey, it's the great outdoors! However, when a flimsy curtain is all that stands between you and a bear, that's pretty scary! The bear showed up around 2AM, attracted by another family's food that they left out (and who faced a big fine the next morning!). Joe and Spencer could hear the bear tearing into the cooler and then heard some voices saying, "Bear! Bear!". They woke Allen, and Joe and Allen watched the bear outside, but Spencer stayed under the covers, so afraid, poor boy! Joe said tons of people came out of their campsites to see the bear, and when the rangers' car pulled up 10 minutes later, the bear took off. But how freaky!!! Joe said he had felt pretty safe at the time because Allen is a police officer, and he always travels with his gun.

However, the next night as they were getting ready for bed, both little boys started crying and wanting to go home, so they ended up leaving around 9:00 PM. That bear incident had freaked them out a bit, I think! Joe said that poor Spencer was shaking all night, my poor little guy! But he still had a blast! I am glad that they are home and safe and sound!

Spencer and Aiden in the Merced River.Allen with the 2 boys on a hike.

Joe and Spencer with Half Dome and on a hike (Vernal Falls, maybe?)
A picture of the bear (can you see it?)The little guys with Half Dome.
Hiking up a dry falls.

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