Saturday, August 23, 2008


1. Looking for a new carseat for your in between car seat-booster child? I did the research and bought the Graco Nautilus for Spencer. Sadly, he has outgrown his Britax Roundabout...loved loved loved it! But he hit the 40 lb. mark this summer...The booster-ish seat in the Britax family looks awesome, The Frontier, but is close to $300! I am not sure how much longer I can keep him in a traditional car seat...he knows his friends are moving into boosters, but technically, safety-wise, he's not ready! The Graco seems great because it's 3 -in-1, so it fits kids up to 100 lbs! Think I can keep him in a booster till he's 100 lbs??? But he likes has a handy cup holder...and will eventually turn into a high back booster, then a no back booster...when he's like 7 or so...right?!?! Plus the Graco is about half of the Britax! Came quickly from Amazon, though the website says it takes 5 weeks. I think it took less than a week!

2. I've been doing a lot of reading lately, though it will slow down as the school year moves on...already feeling that no time for books pinch...but have to plug the site once again! It's very green, too: re-using...not to mention cheap! I've been able to get quite a few books lately from that site! Again you post 10 books that you'd like to "swap", and get 1 credit. Whenever someone requests one of your postings, you ship it to them via media mail (usually around $2.50) and receive another credit. You can request books with your credits. You can also make a wish list and sign up for automatic ship. I have one coming to me any day this way, but am out of credits now! You can even purchase credits for about $3, which is way cheaper than buying books! Most of the books have been in great condition, a few were a little worn, but nothing horrible. I usually read, then re-post to send on! I also signed up for, which works the same. I have a few credits there. The best part: these sites are free!!! Book lovers, check it out!

3. What else??? Wow, again, 2 posts in 1 was a laaazzzyyy day...can you tell? Coop and Kendall didn't feel like sleeping much and it was too hot to go anywhere...ahhhh...looking forward to fall weather! *Though I did take Coop to McDonald's for a special treat, the Star Wars Happy Meal and a Southern Style chicken sandwich for, it tastes so good...just like Chick-Fil-A...mmmm....that's one thing I won't be able to cut out of my diet...

4. Pictures from the good old county fair in July and one of my 2 kiddos that I was hanging with today!

(Taken with my old camera...if you are on the fence about getting a new camera, go for really makes a difference in your pictures!)

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