Saturday, June 14, 2008

Summer here, and it's finally getting hot here...oh, I know I'll be wishing for the cooler temps soon enough, but with all the swimming I want to do, it needs to be warmer! :-)

We're fine, enjoying our time together. We get to see Jenny this weekend! She's going to Gilroy for her sister-in-law's baby shower today, so we are driving over tomorrow morning to visit with her. And Spence and Grandma leave for their San Diego trip in a week and a half!

We got to visit with our Margo this week!!! She came out from Iowa to visit and we spent the afternoon visiting with 2 other families she used to babysit, too. Cooper was a little shy with her...which made me sad, since he adored her and always used to be in her arms! But I know he was happy to see her. She is doing great there and loves Iowa! Hopefully you had a much better flight home, Margo!! :-) We miss you!

And this week we are going to attempt potty training Cooper! Now that he's's time! Spencer potty trained in about 2 weeks, no problem, at 3, so hopefully we can do that with Cooper...keeping my fingers crossed. With food prices going up (holy cow), not buying diapers for 2 children would be nice! Luckily, we were gifted with diapers for Kendall (thank you Vicki for the HUGE box that we are still using!!!) and haven't had to purchase them for her yet!

Kendall is doing great...sleeping longer stretches at night, Lately, she likes to sleep a long stretch from about 7 to midnight...too bad I am not sleeping then! Oh well, I DO need to go to sleep earlier! She's so cute and happy! This is the SF onesie Aunt Meg bought city girl! Steph, we are planning a SF trip soon!!!

So anyway, not much new here...just living la vida loca! Ha! :-)

Happy Birthday to Laura!!! Hope your day was great!
Congrats to 2 friends that have recently announced they are expecting new babies in January...and they are hoping for girls! Anyone else??? I have begun packing up Kendall's 0-3 months clothes...

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