Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Summertime fun

Spencer is in San Diego right now!!!! Wow, it was hard to watch him drive away to the airport with Grandma! Joe and I got a little teary eyed. But I know he is having a great time! Sea World, the beach, etc...missing you lots, little guy!

Cooper is doing great! Today was his last day of music class, and the newspaper came to take pictures...hopefully Coop will be in the paper! He is doing awesome with his potty training! Tons of stickers on his sticker chart! He is going on his own already...just gets up and goes to the bathroom. I just hope his teeth aren't ruined...I was giving him a "pop" (lollipop) when he went potty, but after he was eating a few a day, I started wondering if that was a mistake! Luckily, we ran out...and he hasn't asked for them the last few times...he goes to his first dentist visit next week, so hopefully all is well!

Napping is going well, too. Everyday he goes in, picks 2 books out for me to read, and then stays in bed...even when his cousins were over yesterday, he stayed put! Today I didn't even read 2 books...after the first book, he said, "Mama, out! Shut my door." And I did. So proud of this little man, too.

Kendall, of course, is doing well. Sleeping a lot..her shots wiped her out! What are you thinking of vaccinations lately? Seems everyone is leaning towards alternate schedules, spreading the shots out. I only had Kendall get 3 shots this week, and next month get the next two. Some doctors even recommend spacing the MMR out, not getting it as one shot. I am leaning towards that now. Google Dr. Sears Alternate Vaccination schedule or check this link to find out more. Kendall even got an oral vaccine...that's new to me! The Rotavirus...some doctors say it's ok to skip because it's a newer vaccine, and many kids get the rotavirus anyway (not serious, a diarrhea type illness).

OK, better go...I've been organizing my pictures a la Stacy Julian's Photo Freedom. Joe surprised me with her category drawers for Mother's Day and it's been fun filling them up. I've already pulled some pictures out to scrap. I'll have to post some of the Kendall pages...working on her first days. Pink, pink, and more pink!!! :-)

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