Sunday, June 29, 2008


...he comes home!!! We have missed him so! Even Cooper said a few times he wants "bruddy (his name for Spence) come home now!" He called Spence this morning and told him he missed him. Spencer asked if Cooper could stay up until he got home (he'll get home around 10). Aww....the joys of siblings (c'mon, Vicki, Lily needs one!:-))
I am reading a VERY interesting book right now. It's The Birth Order Book by Kevin Leman. It's so interesting what he says about birth order, and for most part, he's right on. He even talks about birth order in marriages (apparently only and last borns make the best match) and in parenting. I see some of the tendencies in my kids already (Spence can sometimes be a perfectionist, Cooper is the middle paradox: may be outgoing or a loner, etc. He's more of the loner). I recommend reading it for an interesting read. Even learning some stuff about me!


Vicki said...

Don't tell me, ya gotta work on Chip! I talk about babies everyday. . . maybe that is why he is working 80 hours weeks now?

Erica said...

birth order is so fascinating too! Thanks for the recommendation :D