Thursday, June 12, 2008

Happy Birthday (1 day later) to Cooper!

This is the cake he picked out for his birthday!

Happy happy day to my sweet little boy, who is now a big old 3 year old!!! He's so loving, and independent, and stubborn, and great!
he got exactly what he wanted for his birthday! Yesterday we were in Target, and he spotted a cool electric guitar. Well, he grabbed it, found a wagon, and began pulling his "tar" around the store. He had no idea that his Daddy had already bought that guitar, plus amp, for his birthday gift! I was wondering how in the world we would get out of Target without buying his "tar". Luckily, Maddie was with us, so I gave Coop some money and told him to go get a juice with Maddie at the Food Court. Off he went...however, once at the car, he realized we no longer had the guitar with us. He was so upset! He didn't want to wait, telling me it would be gone if we didn't buy it now!
Later that evening, at his birthday party, the now grumpy Cooper started crying, and when I asked him what was the problem, he said he wanted to go to Target and get his "tar". So we gave him his present before pizza and cake...and he was SO happy! He never let it go all night...he even slept with it...he is such a rock star! So happy happy birthday to my sweetheart!

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Vicki said...

He looks so cute . . . and so old!! When did that happen????