Thursday, June 05, 2008

Another blogging friend!

Yay, Steph joined the blogworld...Steph's blog....and it's great! Steph is a city gal, and I am looking forward to hearing about her experiences...isn't that why we read blogs? I love them! I get a peek inside people's lives...I've always been interested in reading historical diaries anyway...Anne Frank of course first intrigued me. Plus, Steph is super creative, so I am sure we'll get some great ideas from her.
And I see Vicki is already addicted to posting! :-)

Summer Plans:
1. Swim lessons for boys (currently happening)
2. Organize the office/scrapbook room
3. Scrapbook A LOT
4. Trip to San Diego and Legoland
5. Sarah's wedding in Malibu (Spencer's Godmother's daughter)
6. Play a lot with my kiddos
7. Host lots of BBQ's
8. See Margo (next week!!!)
9. Lose weight (it's not falling off as quickly this time...)
10. Become more Earth Friendly and Healthy for my children (more on this later...)

Not too much planned, looking forward to just relaxing....

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