Sunday, June 22, 2008

Project Status

Ok, it's summer, I get to do more reading than reading a few books right now...Dr. Phil's Family First (a bargain book at Amazon right now!) and Gorgeously Green (the going "green" book I recommend), so I am making some changes around here...

1. Family: We do a lot as a can you not when you have small children, but want to make it more quality time. Dinners together at the table, Family Movie Night (first movie: Wizard of Oz) and possibly Family Game Night.
Kendall has officially started sleep training (I put her to bed after she has been awake 1.5-2 hours, gets her on a morning and afternoon nap schedule); Cooper is going back to naps (I read him 2 books in his bed and then works super so far...he kinda got off naps when mommy started being home in the afternoon b/c I let him watch Noggin in my bed to fall asleep...not happening any more), and Spencer will get good quality time with me when the two babies are asleep.

2. Since being off work, I have been shopping more...gotta put an end to that! So until August, I am only buying, toothpaste, you get the drift. No more clothes, shoes, toys, books, unnecessary stuff until August. I will keep you posted on how I am doing! Anyone want to join me??
We have waaay too much, and I am already collecting for a garage sale! It will be hard...there are so many cute websites to shop. I will have to stop clicking on the bargain sites I have linked to the left...there are some fun things...nothing I need...I don't need another diaper bag, Kendall doesn't need shoes until she is walking, and paying all that money for cute burp rags...just use a towel and save a few bucks. I just added a book to my amazon list called Parenting Inc., that discusses the business of parenting: all the strollers, stimulating toys, classes we feel we need to sign our kids up for. Do we really need it? I can't buy it until August, but let me know if you read it!

Today was Father's Day Part 2...being gone most of the day for Father's Day last weekend, I felt we needed to make it up to Joe. He slept in, we went to Kiddieland (braving the high 90's heat), and had Chinese food for dinner with my parents. Joe's favorite! Hope you had a nice day, sweetie! I will post pics of the day later...I need to download. (Sorry, Jen...I know you don't read my blog, only the pictures!)
Have a great week!

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