Thursday, June 26, 2008

sorry no pictures to share

...downloaded ALL pictures to the external because the laptop is humming a lot lately...hoping it still has some more life left in's 3 years old!

Anyway, still missing my guy...who enjoyed a Padres game, trolley ride, and lunch in Old Town San Diego...he's having a blast! And he's not missing us very much yet, i don't think!

My "No shopping plan" (until August)...working out OK. Only necessities purchased this week: gas, McDonald's for lunch today (kind of a thank you for Maddie being my mother's helper all day, thanks, girl!), birthday gift for Jenny, postage for mailing a book for ...that's all! Really wanting a new book and some bows for Kendall, but can wait...hopefully...

Traditions...something I am working on refining for our this book:

And here are a few we have already: Highs & Lows at bedtime, Pictures of birthday person displayed on front table, Family bed on the weekend (boys go to sleep in our bed), Movie Night (first one was Wizard of Oz, the boys loved it!), dates with the boys periodically, pictures of Spencer by front door for first day of school and last day of school, birthday letters written by me for my kids every year collected in a "birthday box", Christmas traditions (too many to name right now).

Here are some new ones I want to start:

*"Fishing" for school supplies before school starts (tradition in Joe's family!)

*Do the boys' dates on their birthday number: Spencer's date with one of us always on the 4th of the month, etc.

*Family Game Night

*Circle Family Hug every morning before school, work, etc.

*Letters from the kids' teachers at the end of every school year

*Pizza Night with another family the same night each month

*Sunday Kid's choice: kids choose dinner and rules (Legos decorate table, eat only with a spoon, have dessert first) and kids do the clean up (of course, we'll need to help if they're little)

What about you? I'd love to hear some of the traditions you have with your family! Here are some other books about family traditions I found at Amazon. Added to my wish list! :-)

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Sally said...

Thanks for all of the great ideas. I like the Blissfully Domestic blog, too. Thanks for sharing!