Monday, June 09, 2008

Monday, Monday

The hardest part of having 3 kids is getting home from we got home from swimming lessons loaded down with towels, diaperbag, presents from Jenna, and baby gear that Jenna's mommy had passed onto me...whew, it took forever to get into the house...and everyone was clamoring for lunch, too! And when they fall asleep in the car, that's an extra challenge! the first time I pulled into the driveway with all 3 asleep, I wondered what to do! I almost called my mom to come over and help me unload...hee-hee...but I didn't! Hey, she only lives 5 minutes away! :-)

Now it's our first full week of vacation! I need to get into gear and plan a schedule so boredom doesn't settle in. Right now Spencer is complaining that his birthday isn't for a full year, Kendall's swinging, and Cooper's playing in a big box...he should be napping!

I just ordered some photos from shutterfly...what a %$#& in the neck! It had a hard time uploading my pictures and then it's almost $8 for shipping! and it won't be here until Friday at the earliest! I thought I was saving money, but I'm going back to Costco's 1 hour! too bad I already bought a prepaid plan at shutterfly....think I'll use it up fast and be done!

OK, better go!


Kelli said...

So funny about the kids falling asleep in the car. Back in the day when I had three under five, I would just keep driving around until naptime was over. But now that gas is $4.00 plus a gallon, I guess that's not an option. A $25.00 nap? Could be worth it...

laura vegas said...

i'm laughing at the whole "unpacking of the kids" thing. lol! it's a ton of work! that's why i was so glad to be done with sports for a while. i would have to pack up all the daycare kids to get my girls to practice ... with diaper bags, extra car seats to return to parents, blankets, snacks, etc. i was exhausted by the time we got back! lol!

sorry you had some bad luck with shutterfly. i actually think their upload system is a breeze. so much better from what i was dealing with at the previous site i used. takes a while to upload .. but i just let it do it's thing. i was tempted to try costco though ... havn't used them in years. but i tried to upload a few pics to try out ... and they never did load. lol!