Sunday, June 08, 2008

what's new with you?

Here we are...9 weeks old...cooing, content, sweet...we are so in love!

Boys had a small birthday party yesterday...we just invited a few pre-school friends for water fun and ice cream sundaes. :-) they had a blast!

Went on a "date" to see Sex and the City! Allen and Joe always go to the movies, so last night Monica and I got to go. It's a great movie! The fashion is fun, and it's pretty long...which I enjoyed...felt like you were watching a SATC marathon! Poor Charlotte...her storyline was pretty boring. But anyway, gals, it's a must-see...though I really wanted to go out and get a cosmo afterwards, but my date is pregnant!

Today we are actually heading to the movies again to see Kung Fu will be Cooper's first movie! I think he can handle it! Spencer has been a movie fan for a while, now it's Cooper's turn to see what it's all about! Daddy loves having his movie buddies! Plus, the free movies start this week, and we'll see if I'll be going alone with Spencer or taking Coop, too.

OK, more enabling...sorry...but here's 2 more bargain sites for mamas: and You have to check out the deals, they change a couple times daily! I don't really need anything, but so tempted when the diaper bags are 72% off! :-)

Enjoy the rest of the weekend! Some earth and health friendly tips coming up this week...I have been reading this book:

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Vicki said...

Kendall gets cuter and cuter everyday -- if that is possible!