Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy Father's Day Joe, my sweetie! Poor guy, he kinda got ripped off this year...I was gone most of the day with 2 of the kids...SO he will get a make-up day...thinking maybe next weekend...we can go to the zoo, out to lunch,the whole works, what do you think, Joe?

We went to see Jenny, who visiting with her in-law's in Gilroy. It was a short visit, but she got to meet Kendall for the first time! She fell in love! And I know Kendall loved her! Cooper had a great time playing with Aunt Jenny without competing with his brother. Aunt Jenny, we have to make sure you have Coopy time, too! And both kids slept all the way home...yes! We were without Spence b/c my van needs new brake pads. And no other cars we have access to has space for 3 carseats! Even Joe's car only fits 2!

Congrats to another new mama to be...also due in January! I better check with her before I post her name...:-) So excited for her!!!!

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