Tuesday, June 10, 2008


I promised the boys that if, in swim lessons today, they used "big arms" (Spencer) and put their head under the water (Cooper) I would get them McDonald's...I must confess, mostly for me...I am McLovin' the new southern style chicken sandwich...it reminds me of Chick-fil-a...yummy!!! I had Chick-fil-a in Nashville a year and half ago and loved it! They actually have one in San Diego, so we are going next time we go down there! So, anyway, if you feel like a good sandwich, try it!

And, of course, my boys rocked their swim lessons!

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Vicki said...

We have eaten at the Chick Fil-A a dozen time since we moved here! There was one in Long Beach, not too far from us, but we never went. Their sandwiches rock, but they also have the best salads (and their oreo milkshake ain't too bad either!) Another plus for TX! :)