Saturday, June 14, 2008

real quick...

1. My Shutterfly order came so fast...2 days! And the colors were great on most of the pictures...the paper they printed it on seems a little "flimsier" than the Costco paper. but I was pleasantly surprised with Shutterfly.

2. summer fav: Cherry Limeade Slush from Sonic....sooooo good! Took the boys yesterday for treats after their doctor checkups (all healthy!) and it was Happy Hour at Sonic (1/2 price drinks). Boy, everyone in town must go at that time, it was so crowded, but omigosh, the drink was worth it! I think I may need to stop by again today...I do have to run to the post office! :-)

1 comment:

Sally said...

Happy Hour rocks! I've gotten the 'diet' version of the cherry limeade...also yummy. My usual is Diet Cherry Coke. Heavenly.